Ministry Opportunities

Academic tutoring
   at 5:30 pm
Children's snacks
    at 6:00 pm
Youth service 
   at 7:00 pm

1st Sunday

1st Saturday
Men's breakfast
   at 8:00 am

3rd Saturday
Ladies luncheon

   at 11:00 am


Last saturday of

each month

at 6:00 pm

"Looking Forward"


          November 8th:    Plan practice at 5:30 pm

          November 15th:  Thanksgiving Banquet a 6:00 pm

          November 18th:   Ladies Luncheon at 11:00 am

          November 18th:   Youth rally at vinita, OK at 7:00 pm

          November 19th:   Union Thanksgiving Serv at Avant Baptist Church at 7:00 pm  (No service at AHOP)

          November 22nd:  No service

          November 29th:   Play practice at 5:30 pm




          December 1st:    Bake sale at Barnsdall Dollar General at 10:30 am

          December 2nd:   Church work day at 9:00 am

          December 3rd:    Nursing home service at 1:30 pm

          December 10th:  Christmas play at 6:00 pm (gifts for the youth following the play)

          December 13th:  Christmas banquet at 6:00 pm

          December 24th:  Nursing home service at 1:30 pm

          December 24th:  No evening service

          December 29th:  Youth lock in at driven church in Collinsville